Deep Root Tree & Shrub Fertilization Deals! $45 for 2 Trees or 10 Shrubs, $90 for 4 Trees or 20 Shrubs, or $130 for 6 Trees or 30 Shrubs

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Deep Root Tree & Shrub Fertilization Deals! $45 for 2 Trees or 10 Shrubs, $90 for 4 Trees or 20 Shrubs, or $130 for 6 Trees or 30 Shrubs
Value $90
Discount 50%
Savings $45
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Deal ended at 17:00:00 on 04/03/2013

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$45 for 2 Trees or 10 Shrubs ($90 value)

$90 for 4 Trees or 20 Shrubs ($180 value)

$90 $180 $90 50%

$130 for 6 Trees or 30 Shrubs ($260 value)

$130 $260 $130 50%


A beautiful lawn doesn't happen by itself!

Get half off deep-root fertilization for your trees or shrubs with this great deal:

  • Two Trees or Ten Shrubs for $45 a $90 value
  • Four Trees or Twenty Shrubs for $90 – a $180 value
  • Six Trees or Thirty Shrubs for $130 – a $260 value
Deep-Root Fertilization
Let’s face it, trees and shrubs need a balanced nutrient mix for proper growth and survival—just like we need a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals in our diets. In a natural setting, trees are fed by the rich blanket of hummus on the forest floor. However, in our urban landscaped environment, fertilizer is needed to take the place of this natural food.

Our urban landscape also imposes additional stresses on trees and shrubs that are not a concern in the forest setting. Stress caused compacted soils, air pollution, road salts, poor drainage, and competition with turf grasses can impair the health and ultimately the growth of the tree. Without realizing it, are stressed trees are becoming more and more susceptible to infestation by insects and disease, further compounding the restricted grow. With that in mind, one of the best ways we can help our landscape plants grow healthier and to make them more resistant to pest infestation is to ensure they receive a proper supply of nutrients.

This is the most effective method to fertilize trees. This process injects a water and fertilizer mixture under high pressure 8 to 10 inches below the soil surface, right where the feeder roots are. The injections are placed in a grid pattern in and around the trees drip line. There are many advantages to fertilizing this way. The high pressure injection forces the water fertilizer mix throughout the root zone, which not only feeds all the roots, but also reduces soil compaction and encourages additional root zone aeration. Depending upon your plant varieties, and there general state of health, this deep root injection fertilizer technique may be suggested at various times throughout the season, although, spring and fall are generally the best times of the season. It is important to remember tree roots remain active year round and the tree will benefit from these fertilizations even though the tree may appear dormant.

Why fertilize a tree?
If you fertilized your lawn, you may not have fertilized your trees. Tree care companies have specialized equipment that can deliver fertilizer right where the trees need it—the trees root zone, just below your lawns root zone. In forests, trees shade out grass and other plants so the trees roots don’t have to compete with roots of other plants. Trees are free to absorb all the nutrients they need. Your lawn is a harsher environment for trees. In your lawn, trees must compete with grass roots for valuable nutrients. When you drop fertilizer on top of your lawn, the grass receives most of the benefits. A different type and method of fertilization is used to fertilize trees than what is used to fertilize lawns, since trees don’t grow the same as grass. For trees, slow release fertilizer is applied directly to the tree roots, just below the grass roots. This can be done with special liquid fertilizers injected into the soil, sometimes called deep-root fertilization.

  • Provides proper nutrients for trees
  • Encourages root growth
  • Aeration of soil
  • Reduction of soil compaction
  • Healthier and more attractive trees
  • More resistant to disease and insect infestation
  • Promotes luxurious foliage that adds beauty to your property
  • Deep-root fertilization is the preferred and most effective method for fertilizing trees and shrubs


  • Limited to addresses in Douglas, Sarpy and Washington Counties in Nebraska
  • Please specify service address when ordering
  • Expires 12/31/13

About Growing Green Lawn Care

If you're looking for high quality and personal service, you've come to the right place. At Growing Green Lawn Care we’ll give you the attention and personal service you'll come to expect and enjoy. We've been in business for a number of years. Let us put our experience to work for you. Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way. Quantity (200) $250 6 step year long Fertilization Program and a 5 step year long Pest Control program from Growing Green Lawn Care. 6 Step Granular Fertilization Lawn Care Program 1. March - April Heavy rate of granular fertilizer plus pre-mergent for the control of crabgrass and foxtail. Also broadleaf weed control as needed. 2. April - May A second application of pre-mergent plus granular fertilizer to assure a good barrier against broadleaf weeds, crabgrass and foxtail. Also broadleaf weed control as needed. 3. June - July Balanced granular fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Pottasium) with slow release nitrogen to provide summer long feeding. Also broadleaf weed control as needed. 4. July - August A top quality granular insecticide for control of white grup and sod webworm. Plus a well balanced, slow release, granular fertilizer. Also broadleaf weed control as needed 5. August - September Balanced granular fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Pottasium). Also broadleaf weed control as needed. 6. October - November Heavy rate of granular fertilizer to stimulate root growth and food storage for winter. Also helps early spring green-up. Also broadleaf weed control as needed Our comprehensive 6 step program is tailor made for the types of turf and weather conditions in the omaha area. All applications are granular and are applied by licensed, trained personnel. Our reputation is built on satisfied customers and all our services and products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Growing Green Lawn Care also provides Aeration and overseeding. 5 Step Perimeter Pest Control / 4 foot perimeter around home Growing Green Lawn Care can protect your home with our new and very popular service called perimeter pest control . Perimeter pest control is a series of five treatments which provide an insect shield around your home, reducing the number of insects such as: ants, crickets, mites, spiders, from entering your home. In addition, perimeter treatments can also protect your valuable landscape from some plant eating insects. Our program consists of 5 perimeter control treatments. 1. Late Spring treatment - beginning in april 2. 1st Summer treatment- June 3. 2nd summer treatment- August 4. Early fall treatment- September / October 5 Late Fall Treatment- Novemeber - Helps keep unwanted pests from invading your home. -Application is odorless, colorless, and has a very low toxicity to your family and pets. -Isnt harmfull to soil, flowers, bushes, or lawns -Helps control many different types of pests. -Takes place outdoors - this keeps insecticides out of your home and out of your living space. Up to 7000 Sq Ft. Retail Price $500
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