Today's Deal: $20 for $40 Towards ANYTHING in the Store!

Next Millennium Bookstore
$40 Towards ANYTHING in the Store!
Value $40
Discount 50%
Savings $20
Time left: 00:00:00
Deal ended at 23:59:00 on 12/10/2017
For only $20, with this deal you get $40 towards ANYTHING in the store:

  • Essential Oils
  • Spell Boxes
  • Jewelry
  • Goddess & God Statues
  • Fantasy Collectibles
  • Rocks & Crystals
  • Candles
  • Adult Coloring Books
  • Tee Shirts
  • Incense
  • Triquetras
  • Fragrance, Bath, Body
  • Wedding/Handfasting
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Native American
  • Ritual Salts, Oils, inks
  • Windstone Editions Dragons & Candlelamps
  • Herbs
  • Book of Shadows/Journals
  • Home Decor
  • Music CDs
  • Witchballs
  • Dragons
  • Greeting Cards
  • Altar Tools
  • Dryad Designs
  • Divination Tools
  • Mystical Art
  • No restrictions
  • Expires 6 months from purchase date

About Next Millennium Bookstore

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The Next Millennium is located in Omaha, Nebraska, and we have been in business for more than twenty-five terrific years. Our store is a family-owned business, and we have had many of the same great employees for years.

The store started with just a few incense racks, and a shelf with a few books in a hypnosis office! Charlie, the store’s founder, was working as a hypnotherapist and got requests from clients for books and incense. He had a second room in his office and started to bring in various incenses, rocks, and books. Initially, he had this “store” open by request only, then grew to being open for twelve hours a week! Demand grew and soon this space was not large enough to handle the requests for more products and we looked for a storefront. Soon thereafter we doubled the size of the store to allow space for a classroom to offer classes on crystals, Reiki, Wicca, herbs, astrology, past life regression and many other great topics. Eight years ago, we moved to our current location with 8,700 square feet of retail space, storage, shipping, and classroom space.

We are truly blessed to be a part of all this. We have the most amazing customers, and love the books and products we sell! We know there are many people that do not have easy access to a store so we want to be able to serve as a source for products and reference. Our employees are very knowledgeable and help answer questions and offer suggestions on books and other items. We work very hard to keep the prices low and the quality high! If there is something you are looking for, and do not see, chances are we have it, or we can get it for you! We have thousands of wonderfully magical items in our store, so just ask…we like special requests!

Store Hours:

M-F: 11AM-7PM
Saturday: 10AM-5PM
Sunday: 12PM-5PM


Next Millennium Bookstore
Next Millennium Bookstore 3141 N. 93rd St.
Omaha, Nebraska, 68134, US Phone: 402-393-1121 Get Directions
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