$207 for a 6-Step Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Program ($414 value)

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$207 for a 6-Step Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Program ($414 value)
Value $414
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Get a $414 Lamke Lawns 6-step lawn fertilization & weed control program for just $207 with this deal!

This season-long fertilizer and weed control program consists of a balanced, time-release fertilizer and week control. It is specifically designed to strengthen and feed the lawn. The fertilizer will slowly feed the grass root systems with balanced nutrients needed to sustain the grass during peak periods of stress. Weeds will also be treated throughout the season.

Lamke Lawns is committed to achieving the highest possible level of total customer satisfaction in lawn care. We believe in giving excellent customer service as well as using quality products to make lawns thick, green and weed-free.

Lamke Lawns is a trusted name in lawn care. In business for 19 years, we are licensed & insured, trained & professional, and are dedicated to providing you with the best lawn care possible. We are passionate about the results we deliver and the satisfaction of our customers.

Below is our 6-Step Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Program, Using Extended-Release Fertilizer:

Spring Pre-Emergent Granular Application
(April) This application consists of balanced fertilizer, crabgrass preventative and weed control applied to the lawn at the proper time to ensure maximum results. The extended-release fertilizer will give the grass vital nutrients to ensure a healthy, green lawn while the crabgrass preventative and weed control will maintain the aesthetic beauty of the turf by ridding it of unsightly grasses and weeds. (Lasts up to 90 days / 3 months)

Late Spring – Weed Control
(May) Spray lawn with weed-control herbicide that will find and control even the smallest of weeds.

Grub Control Granular Application
(June - July) This application consists of a preventative insecticide and an extended-release fertilizer applied at the proper time to prevent the infestation of turf-damaging insects, primarily grubs. Once applied, this will create a barrier within the soil that will prevent insect damage from subsurface feeding insects throughout the summer and fall months. (Lasts up to 120 days / 4 months)

Summer Treatment
(August) Treat lawn for weeds and check for any issues due to insects, fungus or stress.

Fall Application – Weed Control
(September) Spray lawn with weed-control herbicide that will find and control even the smallest of weeds.

Winterizer Granular Application
(October - November) This application consists of a balanced time-released fertilizer. The fertilizer is designed to mildly feed the lawn during the fall to stimulate root growth, with any remaining fertilizer freezing in the soil. Fertilizer will then release in the early spring, providing a quick green-up for the lawn.


  • New customers only
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts
  • Good for the 2014 season
  • Up to 10,000 square feet of coverage
  • Additional fees for over 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Omaha area only
  • No Bellevue, please
  • PRICE LOCK: Pay same price for this service next year!
  • Please call Travis at (402) 301-1635 to set up your service immediately after purchase

About Lamke Lawns

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Take Advantage of Our New Lawn Fertilizing Program, with a “Greener” Fertilizing Process

Get a $650 Lamke Lawns Hybrid 5-Step Fertilizer Program, Plus Weed Control, for just $325 with today's deal!

Fertilizer that is Smarter than the rest.

With Extended Release Technology: Delivers a more uniformed predictable release of nutrients for a period of up to 120 days.

  • Uses less fertilizer
  • Lower environmental impact
  • One treatment feeds lawn for up to 120 days/4 months
  • Creates less stress for your lawn
  • Even growth, no surge growth, less clippings
  • Also used in the golf course industry
  • Can help prevent funguses

Lawn Program Applications:
Step 1: Granular Application of Pre-Emergent plus Fertilizer  (Last up to 120 days/ 4 Months)
Step 2: Blanket Spray Entire Lawn for Weeds  (gets even the smallest weeds)
Step 3: Granular Application Grub Control plus Fertilizer  (Last up to 120 days/ 4 Months)
Step 4: Blanket Spray Entire Lawn for Weeds  (gets even the smallest weeds)
Step 5: Granular Winterizer  (helps strengthen roots for strong spring green up)

Less clippings
The exclusive controlled release eliminates growth surges like you get from ordinary fertilizers that release nitrogen suddenly. Without those of surge growth, you spend less time and fuel on mowing and disposal of clippings.

More environmentally friendly
The advanced polymer coating gradually distributes nutrients directly to the turf, which minimizes potential losses to the environment, atmosphere or groundwater.

Extended release
Because the nutrient released depends on temperature, it isn't affected by rainfall or irrigation, which makes it great for lawn fertilization process. There's no need to worry about growth spurts or nitrogen runoff from excessive moisture. By using this controlled-release process for lawn fertilization, you ensure nutrients are delivered directly to the turf roots, for improved feeding with less threat of nitrogen loss.

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